melhora na firmeza da pele

Reduction of up to 03cm on the abdominal circumference *

redução de rugas e linhas de expressão

Stimulation of fat burning **

melhora na firmeza da pele

Limitation of testosterone reduction **

redução de rugas e linhas de expressão

Light texture, not providing oily aspect to the skin


Speed the abdominal fat burning in a practical and effective manner.

Acts internally into the skin, directly into the cells, burning fat and avoiding its accumulation at the abdomen area. Its active ingredients hinder testosterone loss contributing, thus, to the reduction of abdominal fat.


  • Daily use;
  • Apply once a day to the abdominal area making circular movements, preferably after showering.

Active Ingredients:

  • Abdoliance: Nanotechnology complex composed of bitter orange extract and Guarana extract.

* Assessment of effectiveness noted after the use of cosmetic product under normal use conditions - Ipclin, Jundiaí/SP.

** Givaudan, Switzerland.